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We use Alchem branded NicSelect nicotine in our E-Liquids. It is of the highest purity and quality. It is naturally extracted from tobacco plants, and never synthetically produced. The manufacturer, Alchem International, is a reliable supplier that exports and stocks NicSelect™ e-liquid nicotine in the U.S. and Europe.

Choose your Nicotine Concentraion Level, bottle size and base ratio from the dropdowns. 



 These are diluted down from our pure. Use them as a base, or to add a little more to your favorite E-Liquids. 

Mg/ML so a 12mg bottle means that each ml of fluid will have 12mg of nicotine. 


Disclaimer: E-liquid nicotine, in liquid and solid form, is a known poison. It is imperative to practice extreme care while handling. Wear Nitrile gloves, eye protection, long sleeved shirts and use extreme caution.

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