Naked Salt Eliquid - 30ml

Naked 100

Naked Salt Eliquid - 30ml

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Naked Salts is Vape Labs USA  first line of popular Naked100, now made with Nicotine Salts.  Now Naked has specially formulated their popular flavors with Nicotine Salt infused e-Liquid for pod systems and other similar MTL devices.


Flavor Profiles:

American Patriots (Cowboy)  features a full bodied rich tobacco blend with firm, full rounded, and distinct notes of sweet tobacco with this homage to the most legendary of tobacco flavors.

Really Berry (Very Berry) presents an explosion of sweet, freshly picked Blueberries combined with the rich complexity of tart Blackberries, finished off with a Lemon sugar drizzle. Very Berry has sweet yet subtle hint of tartness mixed with mouthwatering juicy flavor of mixed berries. 

Lava Flow brings the topics to you no matter  where you are or the time of year.  This delicious tropical flavor is a combination of fresh strawberries, with creamy coconut, and tart pineapple to intoxicate and seduce your taste buds. 

Frost Bite (Polar Breeze) is the perfect frozen tropical concoction of ripe golden pineapples, smooth honeydew melons, juicy cantaloupe. All that is missing is the umbrella. 

Brain Freeze captures the fruity notes of strawberry, pomegranate and kiwi touched by the refreshingly icy touch of menthol for a flavor bursting with flavorful energy. 


*What is Salt Nic?

Nicotine salts are an alternate form of nicotine that is used to replace traditional free base nicotine. What separates nicotine salts from free base nicotine is the process of extraction, they bond cat-ionic acids from the tobacco leaf with the acid’s free hydrogens using a cryogenic freeze. This results in a nicotine base that has a much smoother nicotine delivery than free base nicotine, as well as a cleaner taste. For example; if you were to try a 50mg liquid made with free base nicotine in a closed pod, it would be too harsh to vape. While a 50mg liquid made with nicotine salts is easy to vape, and deceivingly strong.

Salt Nicotine Option: 35mg and 50mg

30mL Child-Proof Glass Dropper Bottle


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