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Free 100ml Selector

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Free 100ml Flavor Selector

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 This is a "BOGO" promotion. This is not a free sample of any product. Therefore, it adheres to the regulations and is in compliance. 


**This is only to select flavors for the Promotional Free 100ml, for a qualifying order. This is NOT an option to just pay shipping and get a 100ml bottle of juice for free.**

 Updated: There is only 1 flavor choice now. So, if you qualify for more than 1 bottle, per the diagram below, just choose the flavor you want and add it to the cart. Then you can leave a note for any additional flavors you qualify for.

Use this to choose which flavors and nic levels for your Free 100ml (if qualified). Only choose the amount of flavors according to how many you'll be receiving. Below, we will have a chart to help. Your product order (not including shipping) MUST be at the qualifying level. If you select flavors, but do not qualify, we will not send the selected flavors.This is simply an easier way to track the 100ml. It's best to use this feature at the end, so you know how much you're spending and how many flavors to choose.

If you qualify for 3 - 100ml, but choose for 6 flavors, we will only send the qualified amount (which is 3)

If you choose flavors here and only pay shipping, but don't make a minimum order of $25, we will refund your money and you will not receive anything. 

Spend $25 = 1x100ml

Spend $50 = 2x100ml

Spend $75 = 3x100ml

Spend $100 = 4x100ml

Spend $125 = 5x100ml

Spend $150 = 6x100ml

Spend $175 = 7x100ml

Spend $200 = 8x100ml


**If you use any type of discount code, where you're saving money on your order, you will NOT qualify for the Free 100ml promo to any degree. If you choose flavors, but used a code, we cannot send the selected flavors. If we run a sale where you can save money AND get the Free 100ml, you WILL receive the selected flavors**

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