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About Us

  (Verde Valley Vapes, LLC) is determined to continue to offer affordable E-Liquids that are high in quality, rich in flavor, and are hand crafted in the USA. Since the FDA regulations, we have moved to a 1 option ratio. All of our E-Liquids are now 75vg/25pg. They're still amazing for clouds but are thin enough to wick in most tanks. The flavor has been boosted, a little, for this process. 


Propylene Glycol USP (PG) - 99.7% purity (Dow Industries)

Vegetable Palm Glycerin  USP (VG) - 99.7 % purity - kosher (Solan Industries)

Nicotine - Unflavored USP grade nicotine from Poland (Solan Industries)

Flavors - Food grade natural and artificial flavoring.

Diacetyl - Click HERE for info



Contact Us:

412 McKinnon Rd

Clarkdale, Az 86324