Flavor Shots

Flavor Shots

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Since we can't alter the product anymore, we decided to offer additional flavor shots that you can add, yourself! These are ready to use, just add them to your favorite E-Liquid or make your own!

Besides any Single Flavors, these will not be from just 1 flavor vendor. We mix a number of flavorings from a number of different vendors to create our E-Liquid flavors. So adding these to other brands may or may not alter the original flavor. 


Choose your bottle size and flavor profile from the drop down.

A little bit goes a long way, per flavor. 20 drops is approximately 1ml worth of flavoring. So adding 40 drops to a 100ml bottle will bump the flavor profile by 2%. Start off low, and add more to suit your pallet.


Removing the tips from 30ml and 100mls is pretty simple. The 240ml and 16oz have screw caps, so those are very easy. But, the Chubby Gorills bottles are tricky since there's no real lip to catch on. Best practice with them is to use a butter knife and pry the cap off, for reuse. If you use pliers, it will more than likely break the tip rendering it un-reusable. Use caution with these, and all bottles types. Verde Valley Vapes isn't responsible for breaking of tips and/or causing them to be unusable. 

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